Sunday, January 29, 2012


From Picture of the Week 2012
We've been told numerous times that, "Where there's water in Florida, there are gators," and it certainly seems to be true. This guy here though is the biggest one we've seen yet--must be almost 10 feet long.

So imagine our surprise when the very next day we see he has a buddy the same size. Yikes! Nice to know they have each other but I'm sure glad they like to sun on the far side of the pond.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Turkey Trot

From Picture of the Week 2012
There are lots of wild turkeys in Solivita and it's always fun to see them out for a stroll. Snapped this photo from my bike while riding home from the pool. Apparently the male and female turkeys flock separately. These are the ladies--the males have a funny feather that hangs down that's called a beard--you can see it here and learn more about them. I'd been looking forward to seeing the mating rituals until I read that their gobbles can be heard up to a mile away. It may be a very loud spring.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Picture a Day

My friend MK has committed to drawing every day this year and posting a picture a week. I love this idea! Seems like a great way to help focus on each moment in each day--there's something to capture no matter where you are.

However, drawing is something my inner artist has yet to embrace. But I do take at least one photo or video almost every day so I'm committing to making it a daily thing and posting a photo or video of the week either here or on Facebook. It may be the best one or just the most interesting.

Here's the first. (Click on photo to see larger image.)