Thursday, September 27, 2007

Full Moon Fire Twirling

Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous full moon last night.

Though Shandy didn't seem to notice, I'm sure, like most animals, she's much more aware of the phases of the moon than we mere humans.

We went to the lakefront to watch the moon rise over the water while listening to drumming and enjoying fire twirlers, like the one pictured here. If you haven't experienced the celebration, it's worth putting on your calendar. You can find more info at Check it out.

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Johanna Humbert said...

Shandy & MaryEllen--

Here in the country we are exceptionally tuned in to the phases of the moon. When it's full, there are distinct shadows throughout the night and it seems that more of the wild animals are out and about. That means that it's necessary for us to bark much more frequently! Glad you were able to enjoy a citified version.

--Oskar & Ulani