Sunday, March 9, 2008

Meet Our Newest Dog Teams!

Congratulations to our six new Dog Teams who were certified at the Sit Stay Read test at Call of the Wild on March 3rd.

In the full group photo, that's Julie with her mixed breed, Gracie; Marcia with Cavalier, Abbie; Sara and Ellie; Kathy and Maggie; Karen and Mystic; and Scott with Marley. (Click on a photo to enlarge.)

You're sure to be seeing these great teams in programs soon.


DeetaSpeaks said...

What a wonderful way to help students concentrate by using these
specially trained dogs for them to
read to.
Congratulations to the sweet dogs
and their trainers for a job well done. It's fun for both the dog
and the student.
BRAVO !!! : )

AlanTheTinMan said...

All the dogs are nice but
I like the Black Dog!!