Friday, June 27, 2008

Coyote in the City

Took this photo of a coyote out in the back field from my deck tonight. Almost every night for the past 6 weeks or so he (or she) runs up and down the field.

Lately he's coming out earlier and is sometimes even out in the morning. I'm getting a little concerned for him because he's getting very used to people--that line you see in the foreground is a bike path.

But it sure is cool to get to watch him run and play. At dusk he seems to be chasing moths and will jump straight up in the air to catch one. I'm going to try to get that on video but I make no promises. I tried tonight and have a zillion mosquito bites to show for my effort.

Isn't it amazing when you find a bit of the wild in the heart of the city?

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, Shandy and Bandit bark like maniacs when they see him (or do they smell him?) At any rate, they let him know he's on their territory. He is unfazed by them and continues to go about his business, which I assume includes eating a lot of rabbits because, like last year with the family of foxes, we've seen absolutely no rabbits this year. Very unusual.


MK Czerwiec, RN said...

Great shot! When it's enlarged it looks like a painting.

Reddwolf said...

I walk my dogs down the bike path at night (further north) so that is a little disconcerting to me. I knew there were coyotes in the neighborhood because I've seen one in a cemetery and a neighbor of mine saw one a few blocks from me, but I have never seen one in the park.