Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Thoughts for Laverne

I am sad to report that our sweet Laverne (pictured here at "her" school with Bears player Josh Beekman) was viciously attacked by a dog outside her front door last week.

The good news is that both she and Jenifer are slowly recovering. We won't know for a while though if Laverne will be up for working with her kids at Lowell next month. Jenifer is hoping that we can ease her into it and that it will help her on the road to recovery, both physically and emotionally.

As you can imagine, this was a terrifying ordeal and I know your good thoughts and positive energy would be appreciated. You can leave a comment here or go to Laverne's page on the Sit Stay Read website and send her an email.

If all goes well, Jenifer will bring Laverne by the office next week to visit Shandy. I'll keep you posted.

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Info said...

Our thoughts are with you, Jenifer and Laverne! Best wishes to a speedy recovery...we look forward to you both stopping by to see Shandy in the office soon.

-Jenn Dohm