Thursday, October 30, 2008

Farewell to a Good Friend

Saying good-bye has to be the hardest thing about loving and living with our wonderful canine companions.

The beautiful Ginger, Beth Kadow's sweet, sweet Golden, passed away on Tuesday. She was diagnosed with lymphoma a week ago and had her first chemotherapy treatment on Monday but it was too much for her.

I can still remember Beth, as a teen-ager, bringing Ginger into a therapy dog class I was teaching for Rainbow Dogs. Ginger's lovely disposition, combined with Beth's natural, loving skill as a dog handler was incredibly impressive to see. There was really nothing I could teach that amazing duo, but it was a joy to see them get certified and work on so many other canine accomplishments together. I felt very lucky when Beth decided to add Sit Stay Read dog team to their credentials--and, of course, the kids loved Ginger.

Thank you, Beth, for sharing Ginger with all of us.


Becky said...

Rosy and I are sad to hear about Ginger. We volunteered with Ginger and Beth at Primo. Beth, we're thinking of you during this sad time. Becky

Sonia Ravin said...

So sorry to hear of your loss, Beth. There is nothing harder. Ginger sounds like a truly special dog, and your relationship with her a beautiful one. I hope your pain will ease with time. Fondly, Sonia (mom to Sabrina, my SSR dog who too succumbed to cancer in 2007)