Monday, October 5, 2009

This is an Original David Hockney

Reading The NY Review of Books sometimes feels like doing homework--it's challenging, it opens your mind, you know you "should" finish it, but it feels daunting. What keeps me reading is finding a gem that makes me wonder where else I'd find that article or hear about that story.

Today's gem is an article on David Hockney's passion for using the iPhone Brushes app. A wonderful glimpse into the mind of a creative genius who, at 72, is still embracing new tools to share his vision.

And, because of that, I'm able to share an original David Hockney with you! This is one of a series of paintings of dawn seen from his bed. How cool is that?!

Only thing cooler would be seeing it on an iPhone. I'd even break the bank and buy one if I was on Mr. Hockney's speed dial list.

Lawrence Weschler's article is well worth reading in full but this closing quote is my favorite, "People from the village," he says, craning back over that shoulder, "come up to me and tease me, 'We hear you've started drawing on your telephone.' And I tell them, 'Well, no, actually, it's just that occasionally I speak on my sketch pad.'"

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MK Czerwiec, RN said...

This is really wonderful, thanks for sharing it. What a testament to the creative urge emerging in any way it can find form. Magnificent.