Sunday, December 23, 2007

Prayers for Shandy

It's been a rough few days for our Shandy girl. She had surgery yesterday to remove her spleen and untwist her intestines. Dr. Mike also found her liver enlarged and removed a piece to biopsy. On top of all that, we're not even looking at the secondary problem of her heart not looking good.

She's still recovering at the emergency vet's and they say her vitals are normal but she's very depressed. I'm getting ready to bring her some chicken (her favorite food) and will bring her Sit Stay Read blanket so we can sit on the floor and spend some time together. I'm hoping her SSR blanket will work its magic--she always gets excited when she knows she's going to a program. I might even see if she wants to wear her bandana.

Please keep Shandy in your thoughts and prayers.

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