Sunday, December 23, 2007

Shandy On The Mend

It was so good to see Shandy this morning. She's slowly coming around and we're really hoping she can come home tonight.

She did eat the chicken I brought for her. Yeah! I thought there was more than she'd eat but she wanted all of it and the vet said that was fine. They were just glad to see her eating because she wouldn't eat for them.

Look at that photo of her in the snow last Sunday. What a difference a week makes. She loves new snow and was playing like a puppy. Right after I snapped this photo she took off running across the field.

She looked so cute I even tried my hand at video and uploaded it to YouTube. Click here to take a look but keep in mind this is my first ever attempt and I hadn't intended it for "public" view. I sound like an idiot on the audio but we had fun. Oh yeah, I also learned that you can't turn the camera during taping--if you start in a vertical format, don't switch to horizontal midway. Duh. I believe that's why the picture looks a bit distorted.

Just called for a Shandy update. She kept her food down and, for the first time, perked-up a bit when they took her out for a walk. We'll check with the vet around 6PM to find out if she can come home.

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