Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Maestro's Visit

The excitement level was high at Hendricks Academy yesterday as the students eagerly anticipated a visit from the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Allen Tinkham read Jake the Philharmonic Dog to more than 100 students and brought along a string quartet to help him bring the story to life.

The kids especially enjoyed learning the ages of the student performers and how much time they spend practicing every day--an impressive 3-4 hours! Seen left to right on stage are: Emma Steele on violin, Marisa Sheppard on violin, Jaimie Sachay on viola, and Mira Luxion on cello.

The Hendricks students even had a chance to learn how to conduct an orchestra. The final photo shows them practicing their conducting skills along with the maestro.

As if that wasn't enough, all the students received CD's to take home so they could share the experience with their family and friends. Many thanks to the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra for a memorable day and a wonderful introduction to classical music.

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