Friday, July 25, 2008

Ms. Garcia Visit

When Ms. Garcia (yes, from Lowell School) came to pick-up materials for a community program she's leading for us (how cool is it that our fabulous program teachers volunteer their time over the summer to help more kids learn to read!?) she brought a wonderful surprise guest--her gorgeous niece, Naima.

Not only is she beautiful though, Naima is one smart girl! She's already learning her numbers (ok, so really only one number so far--everything is "dos") and letters.

I really wanted to get a photo of Naima with Shandy and Comiskey (Ms. Garcia's chihuahua) but she's just too fast for me--this is one of the few photos where you can actually see her face--in the others she's just a blur on the move. You'll have to imagine how sweet it was to see her hugging Shandy and giving her kisses.

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