Friday, July 18, 2008

Mystery Bird

On our walk just now, Shandy and I finally saw the bird Richard's been telling us about. It's been hanging around out back for the last week or so but we're afraid it won't be around for long because it's rather slow (in every sense of the word, sorry to say).

No one seems to know what it is but we've had suggestions of turkey, partridge, and chicken. Anyone know for sure? This is your chance to "name that bird".


Johanna said...

MaryEllen and Shandy, that's a guinea hen! They are terrific for eating ticks and other bugs, but they make a horrifically loud squawk. I had a friend who had a male guinea that roosted in the peak of their metal pole barn. What a racket he made! A couple of months after I met him, I asked Beth how he was doing. She replied, "tastes like chicken!"


ps check out these photos:

Shandy said...

Yeah--mystery solved! Thanks much, Johanna. Any thoughts on what we should do about him or her? I can't imagine the park is a safe place.

MK Czerwiec, RN said...

Great shot of the Guinea Hen, by the way.