Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scooter Puppy

I'm not usually a puppy stalker but I've been unable to resist Scooter, the adorable guy seen here.

He's a 4-month old Jack Russell mix and is just sweet as can be. When driving home from the office I quite often see his owner walking him in Ravenswood Manor and I've been tempted to stop. However, in the interest of not looking like a crazy person, I've resisted. But this morning I was just sitting in my car waiting for Jenn's train to arrive and there he was. Yeah! Even Shandy wanted to get out to say hello. He's about to pounce on her and she's getting ready to tell him off--hey, at almost 15, I'm impressed that she still enjoys meeting puppies. Anyway, we got our puppy fix and headed into work.

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