Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shandy in the City?

On a lovely walk with Richard and the pups today we came up with the idea for a little game called, "Shandy in the City" (although Bandit is along on this excursion).

Take a look at the four photos here and see if, by the final photo, you can figure out where Shandy might be. Photo #1 is impossible to say; #2 you'd really need to know the path (Niki, do you recognize it?); #3 has a BIG clue (though upside down); and #4 tells the whole story.

This new bike path is on a former railroad right of way just west of Pulaski and runs from Bryn Mawr to Devon. It's become a favorite destination on our summer rides because of all the shade. Rumor has it that once Lincolnwood gets on board to extend it further north, it will link with a five county path system. Come on Lincolnwood, get on the band wagon!

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